Ganso y Castor

Ganso y Castor Facebook Ganso & Castor Café - Bistró

Modern, chic, French cafe

Excellent breakfasts, salads and sandwiches

Comfortable place to connect to free Wifi and sip coffee

Healthy meals - quiches, omelettes and juices


This upscale bistro offers sumptuous quiche, french toast, local juices and other tempting options in a Euro-chic setting. Locals and expats alike enjoy a rich cup of coffee while connecting with the outside world via complimentary Wifi and watching the world go by. After a healthy meal, you won’t be able to resist indulging in one of the delicious sweets on offer.

Address: Carrera 43e #11a-30

Hours: Mon-Thu 8am - 10pm; Fri-Sat 8am - 11pm; Sun 8am - 4pm

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